Aurajoki Oy's CEO changes

On 2017-11-06

Aurajoki Oy's previous CEO Markku Mänki will focus on specific projects for the time being. Toni Casagrande has been appointed as the temporary CEO.

Aura 6.11.2017
Peter Seligson

New technology manager in Aurajoki Oy

On 2017-05-22

DI, IWE Timo Kettunen has been appointed as Technology Manager of Aurajoki Oy's engineering workshops since 1 May 2017. Timo is responsible for the quality management systems for engineering workshops, the coordination of welding and the development of production methods. Timo has previously worked as a product manager at Proxocon Oy, a subsidiary of Aurajoki Oy.

More information
Business Area Director Tommi Kivinen, GSM +358 40 755 9958, infrastructure products
Business Area Director Jukka Rintala, GSM +358 50 307 6369, pressure vessels

New sales manager for the Baltic region

On 2017-05-02

Aurajoki Oy's new sales manager for the Baltic region Joosep Poom has started working from 2.5.2017. Mr. Poom has previously worked in metal industry sales and production departments. Mr. Poom has experience with metal constructions and metal surface coatings.

Mr. Poom will be repsonsible for clients, projects and supervision in the Baltic states. Point of operation for Mr. Poom is Tallinn.

GSM +372 5852 9522
Skype +358 201 746 617

Maintenance break on week 8 in Aura and Mikkeli

On 2017-02-01

Maintenance break on week 8 in Aura and Mikkeli. 

Aura plant operates in one shift. 

Mikkeli plant has a production break but reception and dispatch department are open from 7.00 - 15.30.

More information
Ville Sinkkonen
+358 201 746 418

Jouni Marttinen
+358 201 746 535

Environmental charge

On 2016-10-05

The new Environmental Protection Act (527/2014) and the new Environmental Protection Decree (713/2014) came into force on 1 September and 10 September 2014, respectively. The reform has brought the Environmental Protection Act up to date and in line with a more refined interpretation of the provisions of the constitution, and with the reformed legislation of the European Union. At the same time, some reforms have been implemented to improve the functioning of the permit and notification system of the Environmental Protection Act. With the new act, the monitoring of environmental permits has become subject to a charge, which results in significant additional costs for businesses.

The latest changes in legislation entered into force between 2014 and 2016, and they have influenced the running of daily business in our industry. In addition, the EU-level REACH regulation has tightened the requirements for the traceability of raw materials, increased the costs for the disposal of waste generated in our line of business, and made the requirements for final waste disposal sites stricter.

Hot-dip galvanising as an industry is a major user of electricity, and a change made to the Electricity Market Act in 2013 obligates electricity distribution companies to improve the safety and reliability of electricity distribution. A significant number of the related changes must be in place as early as 2019. For this reason, electricity distribution companies have started making significant improvements to their transmission networks, for example, through undergrounding. The costs caused by the actions taken to improve reliability will eventually be paid by the end customers using electricity in the area of each electricity distribution company.

For the reasons presented above, we will, as of 10 October 2016, introduce a separate environmental charge, which is calculated from the total invoice amount excluding tax, and added as a separate line on the invoice. The environmental charge is 3.3% of the total invoice amount, and the percentage rate is flat, regardless of the total.

During the past year, we have put a lot of effort into developing our expertise and our processes. An even better consideration of environmental issues and our responsible way of doing business will ensure fully competitive products for our customers in the future. Aurajoki is included in the portal (as a company that complies with the "Contractor's Obligations Act"[M1] ), which is an indication of the way in which we deal with our social obligations.

We will start applying the environmental charge to new orders and annual contracts as of 10 October 2016.

Achilles Live event in Oslo

On 2016-09-21

Aurajoki Oy present at Achilles Live event in Oslo 21. - 22.9.2016. Seminars and networking concentrated on grid investments in Norway and Sweden. 

Achilles Oslo2  Achilles Oslo1

Fax usage

On 2016-05-16

Dear customers and partners,

Aurajoki Group stops sending and receiving faxes at the beginning of June 2016 due to the low use of this technology.

New foreman in Lievestuore factory

On 2016-04-04

Mechanical and production engineer Timo Mäkipää has been appointed 4.4.2016 as Lievestuore factory foreman.

Timo has previously worked in Moventas Wind Oy as quality engineer.

Lievestuore 4.4.2016
Tommi Pynnönen

Hot-dip galvanizing kettle renewal in Mikkeli

On 2015-11-23

We renew the hot-dip galvanizing kettle of our Mikkeli factory.

The maintenance break starts from 11.30.2015 and hot-dip galvanizing will start again in 2016.

For more information, please be in touch with Tapani Särkkä (tel. +358 201 746 531, e-mail. ) or Jouni Marttinen (tel. +358 201 746 535, e-mail.

Reception of customer products operates throughout the factory maintenance break time on weekdays from 7 AM - 2 PM.

Our other factories are at your service normally throughout the service break.

Mikkeli 11.23.2015
Tommi Pynnönen

Invoicing changes

On 2015-11-03

Dear Customer,

we have transferred our invoicing and the follow-up of our overdue receivables and the measures related thereto to Pappila Penkkala Group Oy from November 1st 2015 on.

pdfBulletin - Aurajoki Oy121.47 KB

pdfBulletin - Proxocon Oy115.53 KB

pdfBulletin - Aurajoki Pirkkala Oy132.90 KB

New maintenance manager in Aurajoki Group

On 2015-10-27

Marko Rossi has been appointed Aurajoki Group's maintenance manager since 11.01.2015. 

Lievestuore 10.27.2015
Tommi Pynnönen

Pressure vessel manufacturing will continue in Pirkkala

On 2015-10-09

Dear Partner and Recipient,

Aurajoki Oy Group has concluded today October 9th, 2015 a trade agreement for acquisition of Gav Group Oy ( Pirkkala pressure vessel business. This business transfer as whole means to our customers and other stakeholders that there will be no interruption of the pressure vessel manufacturing. The business and present personnel will continue under of a new company Aurajoki Pirkkala Oy. The Company management invites partners to be part of new growth and development of pressure vessel business!

The Aurajoki Group's objective is to be a part of your value chain and part of your successful business.

We will inform more details regarding the progress of this business transfer on regular basis during the next few weeks.

In case of any concerns and for further information, please do not hesitate to contact undersigned.

Jukka Rintala, Head of SBU, tel +358 50 307 6369
Markku Mänki, Aurajoki Oy, CEO & President, tel +358 400 706 363

Nordic Road Exhibition

On 2015-10-06

Aurajoki Oy is ready to meet you, booth A04:25 Nordic Road at Elmia Jonköping future transport exhibition (6. - 8.10.2015).


New production manager in Mikkeli plant

On 2015-08-31

Jouni Marttinen has been appointed Mikkeli plant's production manager since 09.01.2015.  Tapani Särkkä has been appointed sales manager from the same date forward.
Mikkeli 08.31.2015
Tommi Pynnönen

Aurajoki appoints new foreman to Aura factory

On 2015-08-07

Mechanical Engineer Jyrki Kuivisto has been appointed as a foreman to Aura factory from 17.08.2015.

We wish the entire site management team success in future endeavors!

Aura 08/03/2015
Marko Rantala

Our bank account number has changed

On 2015-06-01

Dear customer,

our bank account number has changed in 1.6.2015. Please, check the new bank account number from our invoice.

Aurajoki appoints new CEO

On 2014-11-21

The Aurajoki board of directors has nominated M.Sc. (Tech.) Markku Mänki as the new CEO for the Aurajoki company and group, as of 18 August 2014. Mänki takes on the role of CEO after previously working as the managing director of Hollming Works. Aurajoki's current CEO, M.Sc. (Tech.) Toni Casagrande, continues as the group's executive vice president, with responsibility for finance and strategy.

The board of directors has revised the company goals. The goal is to break into new markets in the coating industry and to find new customers both in Finland and abroad. A decision was also made to strengthen the sales and manufacture of infrastructure products, and to expand it as a separate business. This organisational change means taking the next step in boosting the growth and development of the group.

The Aurajoki group specialises in industrial services for the metal industry. In 2014, the group will have a turnover of €25 million and will have 190 employees. The Aurajoki group has facilities in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku.

Aura, 11 Aug 2014

Peter Seligson