Your Surface Treatment and Steel Structure Partner Since 1967

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing provides an extremely durable and maintenance-free corrosion protection for your steel structures, lasting even decades and reducing their lifecycle costs compared to options like painting.

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Electrolytic Coatings

We offer Finland’s most versatile and extensive range of surface treatments – electrolytic coatings. Our selection includes over 50 different coating combinations, providing your products with the crucial features tailored to your product’s needs.

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Steel Structures

We manufacture load-bearing steel structures according to your drawings, catering to a wide range of applications from tramways to power lines and substations. We offer effortless delivery of your steel structures to your site and pre-assembled ot only within Finland but also to Sweden and the Baltic countries.

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Your Sustainable Partner

Aurajoki is committed to sustainability through concrete actions and achievable goals. For our company, it is important that sustainability is not just fine speeches, but is reflected in our daily operations. Our position as a market leader gives us the opportunity to act as an example and pioneer towards a more sustainable future together with our customers and partners.


We have developed the MyAurajoki service portal to facilitate your interactions with us. Designed in collaboration with our customers, it is currently undergoing pilot testing. We will launch the service for all our customers during the autumn. We are also developing transportation services and carbon footprint reporting features for the portal in the autumn.

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Aurajoki Academy

Are you looking for a coating for your steel structures that effectively protects against corrosion, withstands time and wear, and is the most cost-effective over its lifecycle? Book a free session and ensure the best possible corrosion protection for your products.

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Would you like to give feedback, ask a question, or share new ideas with us? Did we particularly excel in some aspect? Let us know so we can continue to perform at our best.

Do You Need Anything Else?

Hot-dip galvanizing, electrolytic coatings, and steel structures – we offer all of these conveniently and completely carbon-neutrally.

We also provide additional services related to coating and steel construction, either performed by us or through our partners. These services include e.g. thread cutting, assembly and trial fitting, export packaging, material testing, and freight services. We also offer sandblasting, as well as high-quality powder and wet painting through our established partners.