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Superior Durability and Economic Efficiency for Your Steel Structures

Are you looking for a coating for your steel structures that effectively protects against corrosion, withstands time and wear, and is the most cost-effective over its lifecycle? Your solution is hot-dip galvanizing.

To ensure that hot-dip galvanizing provides the best possible protection for your steel products, certain structural considerations must be taken into account during the product design phase.

Whether you are a designer, manufacturer, or otherwise involved with steel products, Aurajoki Academy is designed to make your life and value chain easier. We tailor training sessions entirely to your needs. They can be held either at your company’s premises or at Aurajoki’s facilities, where you also have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the production process.

Why Choose Hot-Dip Galvanizing?

Hot-dip galvanizing not only provides excellent corrosion protection but also offers several other significant advantages, making it the best choice for coating steel products. Its maintenance-free nature and low lifecycle costs make it a more economically efficient option compared to painting.

A hot-dip galvanized product withstands time and wear because zinc chemically reacts with steel to form a permanent protective layer, unlike paint, which merely covers the surface. Zinc also penetrates the inner parts of the structure, protecting the entire product and repairing any damage that may occur during installation or use.

For this reason, hot-dip galvanizing is an extremely effective and versatile surface treatment method, widely used in the construction industry, railway, road, and power line construction, as well as in vehicle and machinery structures, and even in outdoor furniture.

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Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing provides an extremely durable and maintenance-free corrosion protection for your steel structures, lasting even decades and reducing their lifecycle costs compared to options like painting.

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