Hot-Dip Galvanizing

The Most Environmentally Friendly Hot-Dip Galvanizing in Europe – Completely Carbon Neutral

Hot-dip galvanizing provides an extremely durable and maintenance-free corrosion protection for your steel structures, lasting even decades and reducing their lifecycle costs compared to options like painting. We offer completely carbon-neutral hot-dip galvanizing for your products, as the only provider in Finland, and at our new factory in Lieto, we do it in the most environmentally friendly way in Europe.

You have access to Finland’s most versatile selection of zinc baths and a centrifuge line for coating smaller products. Our hot-dip galvanizing units are located in Lieto, Pirkkala, Lievestuore, Aura, and Mikkeli.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing is the Most Cost-Effective

While hot-dip galvanizing is known for its excellent corrosion protection, its other properties also make it an unbeatable choice for coating steel products. Its maintenance-free nature and low lifecycle costs ensure that hot-dip galvanizing is a cost-effective coating compared to, for example, painting. A galvanized product withstands time and wear, as zinc reacts with the steel through a chemical reaction, while paint merely forms a protective layer on the steel surface. Zinc also penetrates the internal parts of the structure, providing thorough protection for your product, and it can self-repair damages that occurs during installation or use.

Therefore, hot-dip galvanizing is an efficient and versatile surface treatment method, which is why it is widely preferred in construction industries, railway, road, and power line construction, as well as in vehicle and mechanical engineering structures, and even for outdoor furniture.

Ensuring of High-Quality Hot-Dip Galvanizing from the Planning Stage

To fully optimize the benefits of hot-dip galvanizing, certain structural considerations must be taken into account during the product design phase. Therefore, we offer the customized Aurajoki Academy, where our experts will guide you through all the essential aspects and ensure the best possible corrosion protection for your products.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing Comes with Up to a 20-Year Quarantee

The international EN ISO 1461 standard we adhere to ensures a reliable process for you. Our operations are also certified for quality and environmental aspects. We are happy to provide consultation regarding surface appearance and coating thickness.

For atmospheric corrosion categories C1 to C3, we can offer a 20-year quarantee on the coating. Additional information and quarantee conditions are available upon request. The qurantee must be agreed upon before the coating process begins. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, and our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2015.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing of Your Products by Hanging or Centrifuge

Steel is cleaned by pickling it in a dilute hydrochloric acid solution, which removes rust and mill scale from the product. After a water rinse, the parts are immersed in a flux bath, where a protective salt layer forms on the surface to prevent the steel from oxidizing before the actual zinc bath. Following the cleaning stages, the suspended structure is immersed in molten (450°C) zinc, where the zinc and clean steel react to form a coating (3-layer phase bond + pure zinc). Depending on the silicon content of the steel, the thickness of the material to be galvanized, and the immersion time, coating thicknesses vary from approximately 40 to 200 micrometers.

Small parts, such as nails, nuts, and washers, are cleaned in the same way. After pre-treatment, the small parts are placed in a perforated basket and immersed in molten zinc (540-560°C). The products are centrifuged immediately after galvanizing, causing excess zinc to be removed by rapid spinning (about 800 rpm), leaving the surfaces smooth and fine. Due to the higher temperature, the zinc layer is slightly thinner and has a matte finish.

We also offer passivation of hot-dip galvanized products upon request.

Instructions for Surface Treatment Batches

To ensure we can process your order as quickly and easily as possible, please include our pre-prepared dispatch note filled out with your product batch.

If you prefer to create your own dispatch note, please include the following information:

  • Complete contact details of the customer
  • Job number or label for the batch (e.g., site name)
  • Any related quotation number for the batch
  • Information on any post-treatments (e.g., painting, passivation, etc.)
  • Information on any pre-agreed additional work (e.g., thread opening, surface protection, etc.)
    Drawings and instructions for surface protection and special packaging, if applicable
  • Packing list detailing the contents of the batch, with itemized collations, e.g.:
    4 pcs PP100*100*4 L=3500-4000 / 1 bundle
    6 pcs HEA 200 L=2500 / 1 bundle
    2 pcs FRAME PP80*80*3 1500*4000 / 1 bundle
    154 pcs WASHERS 50*50*2.5 / 1 pallet
  • Information about any subsequent delivery (delivery address, freight carrier, payer, any contract numbers, etc.)
  • If the customer orders the batch from a wholesaler or subcontractor, the batch must include the identification information mentioned above, as well as for direct customer deliveries.

The Service is Available at the Following Locations


Maximum size of galvanizable component:

Single-dip treatment
12,5 x 1,35 x 3,2 m


Maximum size of galvanizable component:

Single-dip treatment
9 x 1,45 x 2,4 m

Double-dipping process
Beams 12 x 0,2 x 0,2 m
Platforms 9 x 1,45 x 3,5 m


Maximum size of galvanizable component:

Single-dip treatment
12,5 x 1,45 x 2,2 m

Double-dipping process
Beams 19 x 0,5 x 0,5 m
Platforms 12,5 x 1,45 x 4 m


Centrifugal hot-dip galvanizing

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