Lieto’s Hot-Dip Galvanizing Plant Is Now Open!

Aurajoki Oy has opened completely carbon-neutral hot-dip galvanizing plant in Lieto on July 1, 2024, utilizing the latest technology in the industry.

Aurajoki Oy’s major investment is complete, and the company has opened completely carbon-neutral hot-dip galvanizing plant in Lieto on July 1, 2024. With an investment exceeding 20 million euros, this is the largest in the company’s history and represents a significant step towards a cleaner future, using the latest industry technology. The new plant modernizes Finland’s hot-dip galvanizing market, serving a wide range of manufacturing and construction industry operators in Finland, other Nordic countries, and the Baltics.

The efficient and carbon-neutral plant also enables more sustainable hot-dip galvanizing. It is the first of its kind in Northern Europe and the most environmentally friendly in all of Europe. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and automation, it consumes 40% less energy than previous plants and produces up to 70% less waste compared to current standards. The plant utilizes waste heat from the galvanizing process, generating approximately 2,300,000 kWh of district heating annually for the city of Lieto. Future plans include installing a solar power system. Additionally, the factory already complies with all Best Available Techniques (BAT) regulations set by the European Union for the sector, which will come into force in 2026.

“By investing in the latest and most environmentally friendly hot-dip galvanizing technology, we strengthen our position as one of the leading metal coaters in Northern Europe,” comments Ralf Sohlström, CEO of Aurajoki Oy.

The construction and process installation work of the new hot-dip galvanizing plant were completed on time according to the plans. “Just a week ago, we were working hard to complete the factory, and now we can start full production in the brand new plant with entirely new, modern galvanizing equipment. As the project neared its end, the work intensified, but it was a pleasure to see that a skilled and motivated team can achieve even small miracles,” describes Mikko Mäkinen, Development Director of Aurajoki Oy and Project Manager of the project.

“The largest zinc bath in Northern Europe combined with the most modern technology and extensive use of automation enable a fast, high-quality, and sustainable order-delivery chain for all our customers. Efficient pretreatment processes and a deep zinc bath improve product quality through optimized production processes,” says Marko Rantala, Director of Surface Treatments.

“Aurajoki Oy is also investing more broadly in digitalization and utilizing batch-specific documentation. Additionally, we are launching the MyAurajoki portal for our customers, offering a completely digital ordering channel and document management system,” Rantala continued.

Historical First Dip

The first hot-dip galvanizing at the Lieto plant took place on July 1, 2024, at 12 PM, galvanizing products from Swedish technology company Tykoflex AB. The company selected Aurajoki as its coating partner based on a focus on sustainability, high capacity, good quality, and extensive knowledge of hot-dip galvanizing.

“The new process equipment operated flawlessly, and the skilled staff performed the dipping with great care. It was particularly exciting to see how everything finally worked and how the personnel had mastered the use of all the new equipment and methods,” Mäkinen explains.

Now operational, the Lieto plant offers our customers the most environmentally friendly hot-dip galvanizing in Europe. Our sales will be active throughout the summer, providing further details about our unique and sustainable coating and all other services offered by Aurajoki Oy.

The topic has also been reported by Yle Turku and Åbo Underrättelser.

Check out the pictures from the first dip below!

The historic first dip at Europe’s most environmentally friendly hot-dip galvanizing plant.
The first dip was followed by a large crowd.
Tykoflex’s International Sales Manager Jari Tuomela and Ronnie Berglund, responsible for the sales of M42 quick couplings, eagerly watched the hot-dip galvanization process of their products.
The production equipment supplier Scheffer Krantechnik GmbH’s CEO Jörg Koglin, along with Mikko Mäkinen and Ralf Sohlström, celebrated the launch of the new hot-dip galvanizing plant at the Lieto plant.
Marko Rantala, Mikko Mäkinen, and Ralf Sohlström were pleased with the first dip.
Ralf Sohlström delivered a speech to those present at the event.