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  7 factories
  50 coating combinations
  30 million in revenue
  30 million kilograms of steel
  2000 active customers

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Versatile welding processes

The manufacturing and production quality of pressure equipment is essentially linked to the welding processes used. The development of the basic materials has placed new requirements on welding practices. Consequently, the choice and use of the correct welding process, filler material, preheating method, and post-weld heat treatment crucially contribute to successful welds and the properties of joints.

Maintenance of first-class welding expertise is our priority

Since 1986, we have systematically maintained and developed our welding expertise. We currently use more than 400 different welding processes, and our core competencies are the TIG, MAG and SAW processes. Thanks to the welding procedure tests that we have developed, we can meet the strictest industry requirements, whether for strength properties or impact energy values.

A welding robot for increased capability and productivity

The main task of the robot is the welding of product parts and final products. Our robot enables us to weld products with maximum outer dimensions of ⌀1200 x 1850 mm and a maximum weight of 500 kg. We use the robot to weld both non-alloy and stainless steel. Active seam finding and through-arc-seam-tracking ensure high product quality in every weld.

We use our robot, with its Esab 200 high-definition plasma cutter, to cut carbon steel and stainless steel, up to a thickness of 32 mm. Thanks to the high-definition plasma technology, the cutting surfaces of the seam in the product are straight, as opposed to the angled cutting surfaces produced by normal plasma technology. The robot can also cut three-dimensional objects and produce bevels and markings on products.

The main parts of the robot:

  • IRB 2400L
  • IRBP 600 D
  • Aristo Mig 5000i
  • TC-96 support unit and Bull's Eye
  • Esab Plasma 201 and PT-36 plasma nozzle
  • SmarTac and Weldguide III
  • Maximum dimensions of welded objects: ⌀1200 x 2000 mm
  • Maximum weight: 500 kg

Maximum dimensions of plasma-cut objects:

  • 2100 x 1200 x 32 mm
  • Maximum weight: 1500 kg
  • Materials cut: carbon and stainless steel, including markings