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Our Infrastructure Products unit is part of the Aurajoki group and contributes to creating added value to the group's customer chain in the market area around the Baltic Sea. The Infrastructure Products unit operates in three locations in Finland: Kannonkoski, Pirkkala, and Aura. Our sales office in Gothenburg serves our customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

In Kannonkoski, the main focus is on engineering products, such as power line, electric railway and transformer field structures. The Pirkkala facility manufactures angle-iron structures for power line and mast structures. Aura is home to the logistics warehouse for our customer and stock products. In Göteborg, the sales office for our products unit coordinates the sales and marketing of Aurajoki products in the Scandinavian markets.

The Infrastructure Products unit's operations in all locations comply with the ISO 9001 quality management standard and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. Furthermore, the manufacturing operations at our Pirkkala and Kannonkoski plants comply with the EN 1090-2 standard, and the plants have been certified in accordance with the EN 1090 standard.

Angle-iron production

CEP HP16T6 angle-iron unit


  • Angle-iron L40x40x4 – L200x200x20
  • U-beam UPE80 – UPE160
  • Lenghts 1500 mm – 12200 mm
  • Average capasity 600 kg/h

Cutting unit

  • L40x40x4 – L160x160x19
  • The possibility of machining profiles up to L200x200x20 without cutting

Punching unit

  • Punching is possible for all profiles up to 19 mm in thickness
  • Hole size 5 – 32 mm
  • The possibility of making the oval or rectangle holes

Notching unit

  • L40x40x4 – L120x120x12
  • 5 pcs 45 degree notching tools, one with rectangle punch

Drilling unit

  • L60x60x6 – L200x200x20
  • Hole size 10 – 40 mm
  • The x-axis of the drill allows also milling oval holes
  • Angle iron "base" milling up to 14 mm in depth

Marking unit

  • Each part can be marked with die-cutting
  • Marking is still visible after galvanizing, character size 16x8 mm

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Drilling unit

FICEP Excalibur 12 Mod. 1201 DE CNC drilling unit


  • Maximum profile size 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Maximum profile lenght 12000 mm


  • Maximum hole size 40 mm
  • The x-axis of the drill allows also milling oval holes
  • One drill head with a six tool magazine
  • Marking tool

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