Products and services

Our pressure vessels enable high-quality operations for our clients in various fields, including the biofuel and processing industry, energy and extractive industry, and mechanical engineering.

OEM manufacturing

On average, our contract customers order pressure vessels in batches of 1 to 20, according to their needs, but we can also provide larger batches. The sizes of the vessels range from a few to a few hundred litres. The material typically used for the vessels is carbon steel, but we also manufacture vessels from stainless or acid-resistant steel, or aluminium.

A long-term partner you can trust

Our professional expertise and reliability result in strong customer loyalty. Based on the feedback we have received, we are perceived as a flexible manufacturer, including for small series of products. The contracts are always tailored according to customer needs, without forgetting cost-effectiveness.

We manufacture all vessels to client specifications, while at the same time complying with existing standards and classifications related to pressure equipment. Our designers are fully aware of the most relevant and the most common directives and classification requirements.

Our flexible and professional service enables us to work together with our clients, to plan and build solutions with which all parties can be satisfied.


  • Submerged arc welding
  • Robot welding
  • Metal turning

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