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  7 factories
  50 coating combinations
  30 million in revenue
  30 million kilograms of steel
  2000 active customers

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Design according to customer needs

Our product development and design department understands customer needs and ensures that projects are successfully implemented and potential problems resolved early on in the design stage.

Our design and product development units serve our customers throughout the entire production process, from the offer stage to the delivery of the product.

Our goal is to find a solution that serves the client, complies with the required classifications and standards, and offers the best value for money.

Innovative product development

The weakest link in the processes tends to be equipment that is subject to constant or cyclic stress. The problems encountered typically include fault sensitivity or fouling. Therefore, our product development takes these and other important variables into account early on in the design process. Our product development and our reliable manufacturing techniques enable us to produce equipment with very long life-cycles.

FEM analysis as an aid

We use FEM analysis in the design of pressure equipment. This can be used to calculate the endurance and fatigue life of a product, and to optimise material strengths and structures. The FEM analysis makes it easier for us to identify potential risks during the design stage and enables us to achieve long life-cycles for the equipment.